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After sleepless nights and many wasted hours worrying and trying to keep some kind of accounts for my business I gave you my little black box full of receipts and some hand written notes and in return received very detailed reports on my business.  For the first time I could begin to forecast.  This alone is worth its weight in gold to me as before I simply had no idea and now I have more time to concentrate on my business, earn more money and get more sleep.


Thank  you so much Wendy, I will have no hesitation is recommending Bean Counters in the future.

Mark Lewis - Lewis Personal Training



Whether you're a current client with an enquiry or just want some advice, we’re here to help.

Call us whenever you need advice without fear of being billed every time you speak to us.

Thank you for the wonderful service you've provided in the short time we've known each other.  From day one you've shown tremendous patience in holding my hand through the bookkeeping process.  You introduced me to Xero the online bookkeeping system.  This, I have no doubt, will save me a small fortune in accountancy fees.


You have proved to be unfailingly knowledgeable, courteous, prompt and efficient in all that you've done.  I shall of course be recommending your services whenever I can.

Stephen Church - CopyWriter Pro


"As this was my first Self-Employed tax return I have been worrying about it and you have made the process very easy, so thank you very much".

Jim Stanbrook


"Wendy is a very competent and highly recommended bookkeeper".

Jacob Stone - Elsby & Co


"You are approachable, accommodating and very helpful and supportive".

Gemma Dearsley - The Lighthouse Centre


"You are approachable friendly and extremely organised".

Catherine Corp