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By Wendy Tate, Mar 31 2020 12:21PM

Disasters can happen without warning. However, your business cannot afford to simply halt operations until the crisis ends. The main priority is to keep operations running smoothly, minimize any losses, and maintain a great customer service.

With the cloud revolution we have experienced in the last 10 years or so there is a solution out there for every business function, allowing companies to continue working and collaborating during a crisis. So if you’re adopting flexible and remote work during the lockdown period, below are some of the tech tools that can empower your team.

By Wendy Tate, Mar 25 2020 05:04PM

Are you in the position that you have been asked to work from home? Or are you and Employer who has had to ask staff to do so? This can be worrying for some, there are those who think that people will get nothing done due to household distractions especially when there are children around and others who believe workers will be happier and more productive. So, who is right? The answer depends to some extent on the individual. Even before the Covid 19 crisis there has been growing support for home working and many find they are in fact more productive working from home.

By Wendy Tate, Jun 28 2019 09:10AM

Bean Counters are very proud to be only the fifth company be be listed in the Beyond Carbon Neutral Directory of carbon neutral businesses.

This year, a young school girl has put the Governments of the world to shame in asking what they are doing, the answer being not enough!

It was, however, a heartfelt talk from, soon to be Dad John Scotcher of Pearson Treehouse that made us decide that it is not enough to sit at home watching the news and just nodding in agreement with that school girl and thinking it is just a problem for Governments and large business to solve.

I have three Children and two Grandchildren and, like John, I do not want them coming to me one day and asking why I turned the other way, why I thought this didn't concern me even though I had their futures to consider, guilt can be a great motivator.

Listening to John speak I realised that it wasn't difficult for Bean Counters to do their bit and become Carbon Neutral, we are a very small cog but if all the small cogs did their bit it would make a huge difference.

So Bean Counters are now proud to be a carbon neutral company. Our listing can be found at

Why not join us, it won't take too much of your time and could make a huge difference to future generations.

By Wendy Tate, Mar 6 2019 04:46PM

If your employee drives their own car for business and submits a claim for mileage expenses at £0.45 per mile, the current HMRC Approved Mileage Rate, then your business can claim VAT on the fuel portion of the mileage expense if your business is VAT registered this, obviously, does not include the flat rate scheme.

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