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Working From Home

By Wendy Tate, Jun 15 2018 09:29AM

Becoming a 100% Cloud Accounting Practice and partnering with Xero has enabled me to work predominately from home. I have been working from home for 4 years now and I am often told how lucky I am to be able to do so and there are, no doubt, many advantages, however, there is another side to the story,

Working on your own can be very isolating, there is no one to bounce ideas off of, for some people motivation is an issue and for others its actually sticking to a finish time as you are already home. I fall into the latter camp often at my desk early and working late into the evening when I am home alone, I find it very difficult to switch off sometimes. There is also the question of where I have meetings with clients, at home, at the clients offices, somewhere else?

Thats just the work issues there are also those, when you get a minute can you…. conversations with the family as I am there all day I must have loads of time right? Or friends popping in or calling as they know I am more than likely going to be there. I have come up with a few coping strategies.

I am not complaining, in fact I wouldn’t change a thing, my husband has been really poorly over the last 6 months and it meant that I was there for him when he needed me, my lovely dogs aren’t shut in all day and then there is the commute, or lack thereof. Added to that there are the undoubted savings I make on office rental cost and there are the occasions when I can be working with my laptop in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

And what of the coping strategies I mentioned earlier, to deal with the isolation and ideas sharing I have joined some great networking groups and in the words of Paul Green of Connect Networking I have the throbbing brain power of 25-30 other business owners to bounce ideas off of or talk through any issues. I learnt early on that any issues I was coming up against someone else had been there and had some advice on the subject. Networking has helped me no end.

As I am at home I have no official dress code, but I dress for the office anyway, it makes me feel more business like and sends a message to the family that I am at work. Friends now know I am working during the day and will text ahead before calling to check if I am free for a chat or coffee. I meet clients at their home or office alternatively the local coffee house works well, this ensures that home remains home. That just leaves the issue of finishing on time, lets just say I am still working on that ….

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