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Home Start - Kettering

By Wendy Tate, Jul 9 2018 11:18AM

Towards the end of last year I had a phone call from a very nice Gentleman called Chris, asking if I would be interested in helping a local charity in the capacity of Treasurer as their previous Treasurer had sadly died the year before and they were struggling to get another volunteer for the role.

Chris told me that Home Start Kettering helped to support families with young children who, for whatever reason, were struggling, to cope with life and needed a little support during their time of difficulty to get them back on their feet. Having raised 3 children and now being a proud Grandma to two beautiful boys I know how life can sometimes throw you a curve ball that can knock you off balance for a while and not everyone has a family network to step in and help at these difficult times so to be able to help such a worthy cause in a practical way seemed like a no brainier to me.

I have attended Trustee meetings, set up a new accounts system and met with the Accountant, all very practical things that support the running of the charity. On Friday of last week I attended the AGM and was humbled to be formally elected as a Trustee. This was also to be the first time I met with a Mum who was receiving support, to listen to a very tearful, extremely brave young lady tell her story was not only inspiring but made me realise the difference that Home Start actually make in practical terms to the familes in their care.

Here was a 28 year old Mum of four beautiful young children, who nursed her partner as he was suffering from Heart Failure, while struggling herself with M.E. Sadly her partner recently lost his fight with his illness and now this young Mum is coming to terms with the overwhelming grief of losing her partner at such a young age while trying to support her children in what can only be described as the most difficult time of their young lives. Who wouldn’t need a little support after what she has been through? At the AGM I held her hand as this brave lady stood to tell her story tears streaming down her face, it seemed such a small gesture but afterwards she thanked me that small act of kindness was not lost on her.

This amazing Mum and her children are just the tip of a very big iceberg, we all hear those stories every year on Children in Need, switch the TV off at the end of the evening feeling better about ourselves if we’ve raised a bit of money or made a donation. Don’t get me wrong, raising money is extremely important Home Start Kettering receive no funding from the Government and have benefited from Children in Need donations the public so generously give each and every year, so thank you so much. Your donations are helping us to continue to offer support to families that, with all the Government cuts, otherwise would not receive it. Raising funds is vital to ensure Home Start Kettering can continue to offer support for years to come any donations are very gratefully received, so thank you.

However, there is another way you can help, if you feel you could offer a little bit of your time to help a family, to hold someone’s hand as they struggle to overcome what life has thrown at them, to show you care in a practical way then please do get in touch. After all we all need a little help sometimes.

More information on what Home Start Kettering do can be found on their website.

If you would like to support us either with a donation or as a volunteer please call Nikki 01536 484318

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