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Bean Counters is 3

By Wendy Tate, Feb 15 2017 03:44PM

This month at Bean Counters we are celebrating 3 years in business.

I am sitting here in my Counting House feeling a little reflective, 3 years has gone so fast, but would I make the same decision knowing what I know now, after all hindsight is a wonderful thing?

The answer is a resounding yes, it has been a rollercoaster, there is no doubt about that, I have worked long hours and had the odd sleepless night wondering if I could actually run my own business and make a success of it. Then there is the compliance and the CPD, always new things to learn nothing stays the same in accountancy for very long. But somehow here I am still riding the rollercoaster and loving it.

Although I am, by definition, a Sole Trader I have been far from alone on this journey. My family have been and continue to be a fantastic support with words on encouragement, copius cups of coffee popped on my desk as I work late again for a deadline by my very understanding husband and my Son even worked with me for a while.

I have also discovered a whole new family, a networking family, of like minded small business owners dedicated, as I am, to offering the best service they can. When I decided early on that I would use networking as my main marketing strategy as people buy from people I had no idea just how many small businesses there are. This band of amazing people have generously offered invaluable business advice based on their own experiences, given encouragement on the diffucult days and celebrated the successes with me, a Sole Trader who networks is never truly alone in their endeavours.

So asI start year 4, its time to give a little back, following the success of the Kettering Business Network and with the blessing of Simon Cox, Val Adaway, Dani Spence and myself are launching the Wellingborough Business Network a monthly networking event for local businesses. I have also started doing some mentoring to help another bookkeeper get her business off of the ground I am sure she will do very well.

Here's to the next 3 years, I don't know what is over the horizon but I am looking forward to the journey.

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