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By Wendy Tate, Dec 2 2020 10:33AM

If you’re running a limited company from a commercial office space, any costs you incur such as rent, business rates, utilities, insurances and service charges are allowable overhead costs for the business which reduce the business profit an in turn reduce the corporation tax liability. So, how does it work if you don’t have commercial office space and instead choose to run your company from your home?

By Wendy Tate, Jun 17 2020 10:31AM

More people are looking at credit solutions to help their businesses navigate these unprecedented times I thought it would be helpful to understand the different types of credit search and the impact of each on a credit rating. What is a credit search? In simple terms searches, or credit checks, as they are sometimes called, are when someone looks at your credit report to find out about your borrowing history.

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