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By Wendy Tate, Feb 7 2018 09:52AM

What does the future hold for the bookkeeper in the digital age? Will the role of the bookkeeper become extinct? With more small businesses discovering the world of Cloud Accounting these are two questions I am often asked.

The answer to this, in my opinion is a very definate no and here is why...

By Wendy Tate, Feb 15 2017 03:44PM

This month at Bean Counters we are celebrating 3 years in business.

I am sitting here in my Counting House feeling a little reflective, 3 years has gone so fast, but would I make the same decision knowing what I know now, after all hindsight is a wonderful thing?

By Wendy Tate, Jan 3 2017 11:00AM

If you invoice your customers or clients on a regular basis collecting payments via Direct Debit will put the running of the cash-collection process firmly back under your control. You also give your business clients a simple, straightforward way to pay you – Direct Debit is fast to set up, provides a guarantee on their funds and only needs to be set up once for the whole life of your business relationship. Here we list some of the advantages of switching to Direct Debits for collection of payments.

By Wendy Tate, Dec 12 2016 02:00AM

Following on from my last post where I discussed the five main reasons SME's give for not using a Bookkeeper, I would like to give you 10 good reasons to use one.

NOT using a bookkeeper can create nasty problems, which, if left unchecked, can cause major stress for the business owner and employees alike.

Here are ten examples: